Get to Know FBC

First Baptist began as a mission in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Handley in 1955. In September of 1965, First Baptist, Fairview was organized as a church. Our church is a circle of believers holding hands facing outward. We are always looking for others to join our family and enter the circle - there is always enough love to go around.

We are historic Baptists affirming: the Scripture as our sole authority, salvation through Christ by faith, believer’s baptism, soul liberty, the priesthood of the believer, the security of the believer, and the Great Commission as our marching orders. We believe in congregational authority led of the Holy Spirit and our pastor as servant-leader.

  • To Declare the Good News that Christ makes a difference
  • To Worship a Majestic God whose Power is beyond limits
  • To Mature and grow into spiritual wholeness
  • To enjoy the love and fellowship of the Family of Faith
  • To Reach Out and Care for all who are in need
  • To Make a Difference in the morality of our world
  • To Take the Good News into all the nations